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My cubing journey began in September of 2022 when a friend offered to teach me how to cube. I completed on my own for the first time a few days later, on October 4th. Ever since then, I have been continually practicing to get faster.

Some facts about me:

  • I solve using the CFOP method.
  • Currently, my global average is ~20 seconds.
  • My main cube is the MoYu RS3 M 2021.

Things I'm working on: learning PLL, improving F2L execution, better inspection, lookahead.

PLLs learned: Aa Ab F Ga H Ja Jb Na Nb Ra Rb T Ua Ub V Y Z

PLLs not learned: E Gb Gc Gd

The next event I want to learn is: 3BLD!

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10 Sep 2023: Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted an update. Progress has been slow—very slow—but steady. My ao100 is at just over 21 seconds, so I think sub-20 is in reach. For reference, my best ao5 and ao12 are 18.35 and 19.65.

12 Jun 2023: From this day on I am officially a proud Pyraminx owner. I saw the puzzle on sale at Target and simply couldn't resist! The turning is pretty crappy, but nothing a little lube can't fix. After playing with it for a few days I've set and broken a few personal bests which I have recorded below.

13 Mar 2023: Two big accomplishments—sub-23 ao100 and a new PB of 12.71! I absolutely did not expect to beat my previous record by such a wide margin. The scramble was ridiculously lucky (XCross and two free pairs after solving the first). I've linked the reconstruction in my PB table.

13 Feb 2023: Just got my first ever sub-20 ao5! The times were: 19.26 18.77 19.88 (21.60) (16.52).

Noisy celebration followed. It was a very exciting achievement; I think I'll be averaging under 20 seconds consistently soon.

10 Feb 2023: My YJ MGC 2x2 just arrived!

Practicing 2x2 was fun, although going back to 3x3 felt extremely weird.

8 Feb 2023: Got a crazy new PB of 14.97. This solve was quite lucky—I got an unplanned XCross in 5 moves. Reconstruction is linked in my PB table.

2 Feb 2023: Took a couple glamour shots of my 3x3 for an ongoing project. Quite scandalous.

22 Jan 2023: I went to my first competition recently!

Highlights: getting my Mirror cube signed by none other than Max Park!

PB History

Here is a list of my PBs and when they were achieved.

3x3 Single

5 Oct 20221:52.20
10 Oct 20221:03.57
12 Oct 202256.78
14 Oct 202250.77
17 Oct 202248.37
19 Oct 202242.40
20 Oct 202239.93
27 Oct 202239.00
29 Oct 202235.45
31 Oct 202230.93
5 Nov 202228.08
12 Nov 202226.88
13 Nov 202224.83
14 Nov 202223.35
17 Nov 202221.31
21 Nov 202220.80
22 Nov 202220.01
5 Dec 202219.18
27 Dec 202218.85
28 Dec 202218.29
29 Dec 202216.82
3 Jan 202316.11
8 Jan 202315.18
8 Feb 202314.97
13 Mar 202312.71

3x3 One-Handed Single

22 Jul 20231:29.88
12 Sep 20231:08.96

2x2 Single

10 Feb 20233.31

Pyraminx Single

20 Jun 20238.83