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Hi, I'm Adrian. I'm a student and a programmer. Welcome to my website! You can contribute to its code on GitHub, or browse my projects and miscellaneous tinkerings.

Oh, and also check out my burgeoning blog.

Remember Aaron Swartz. Stand behind Open Access.

profiles / contact

  • To contact me, please send me a message via Discord (drain#5012) or email (azhangcc@gmail.com).
  • I do pretty much all of my open-source contributions on GitHub as adrian154.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy taking pretty pictures, which I sometimes post on Flickr as adrian.z.
  • If you need to reach me securely, the signature of my PGP key is 30CAFC0DFD7CCAF2A9A2CDAF2C5DE528CF2D242B.

other links

These are some of my friends whose stuff is also worth checking out.