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Hi, I'm Adrian. I am, among other things, a student and a programmer. This is my website, where I put random things I've made. You can contribute to its code on GitHub, or browse my projects and miscellaneous tinkerings.

Remember Aaron Swartz. Stand behind Open Access.

profiles / contact

  • Discord (preferred): drain#5012
  • Email: azhangcc@gmail.com
  • GitHub: @adrian154
  • Flickr: @adrian.z
  • StackExchange:
  • PGP Key: 00808F37AD07B10B3AC04D706833FD7CB77A9385 (key)

You can send me some bitcoins at bc1q3hpypqyhrft6a67dhlrt22cl6saw775kd2h298, though personally I am a bigger advocate for Nano. Please excuse the address reuse.

other links

These guys are cool too, go check out their stuff.

If I missed you, please message me.