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Cosmic Ray Detector

Detect cosmic rays using any digital camera.

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Cosmic ray trails


Experiments in data transmission over a standard audio interface. WIP.

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WebModem interface


Scan the entire Internet for Minecraft servers in under a day.

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Hilbert curve of IP space with Minecraft servers plotted


A photorealistic renderer written in Java.

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Scene rendered with the pathtracer

Tiny Virtual Machine (TVM)

An artificial, emulated CPU, useful for teaching assembly programming and low-level concepts while avoiding the historical baggage of real architectures.

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A picture of the TVM workspace


A lightweight OIDC provider for self-hosted SSO.

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picture of MicroAuth login screen

SQLite Browser

A simple web interface for interacting with SQLite databases.

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picture of SQLite browser data


A Discord-Minecraft interlink system built on top of Siphon. Currently used on my SMP.

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MineLink at work


A 2D cellular automata that can be used to build interesting digital circuits.

Pictured: A circuit that iterates through values of OEIS A008884, built by an anonymous user.

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wiregame screenshot


A tiny kernel for x86, created using C and assembly.

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Picture of the kernel at startup


A Fabric mod to enable the hidden debug renderers which are present in Minecraft's game code but not accessible.

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debugrenderers pathfinding renderer


An easy-to-setup web console for Minecraft servers built on top of Siphon. Currently used on my SMP.

See it on GitHub!

picture of webconsole during server startup


An r/place clone, built with JS and websockets.

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Warning: since users can draw whatever they want on the canvas (provided that they have the necessary patience), some rather obscene artworks have been created.


Discord RPC for YouTube Music

Show off what you're listening to on your Discord profile.

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A simple, extensible framework for building REST APIs on Minecraft servers.

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Password Manager

A simple web-based password manager based on proven cryptography.

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