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Sampling and Aliasing

Learn about the wrong and right way to downsample a signal, with examples you can listen to.

Discrete Cosine Transform

See how a signal can be converted to the frequency domain and be approximately reconstructed.

Poisson Distribution

See how the number of random points in a grid cell follows a Poisson distribution.

Barycentric Coordinates

See how barycentric coordinates can be used to check if a point lies in a triangle

Game of Life

Simulate different Life-like cellular automata in your browser.

Coma Aberration

See how a parabolic mirror fails to focus off-axis rays.

Spherical Aberration

See why a spherical mirror can never focus light to a point.


Visualize the relationship between the sine function and circles.


Play with water physics created using smoothed particle hydrodynamics.


Mess around with simulated springs.



Online multiplayer soccer game. Play with your friends by sending this link!


Classic Minesweeper.


Dodge asteroids and try to stave off your inevitable death

SpaceGame2 (WIP)

Now with 100% more explosions!



View the web in three glorious dimensions.

Horrible Keyboard

Increase typing speed 35x

Lightshot Grabber

View random screenshots taken with Lightshot, which is horribly insecure.

Punctuation Palette

Copy and paste commonly used punctuation symbols that cannot be typed on a standard keyboard, along with helpful usage tips.